The latest MEIKO innovation at MEDICA 2021

Find out about the new pearl in our care collection virtually

MEIKO live report in English

Join a 30 min round walk over our MEIKO stand - with stops at the latest technology including the new MEIKO TopLine and the new App MEIKO Connect and topics like hygiene safety in the dirty utility room.

Look forward to the following features of MEIKO TopLine:

  • Load detection (optional): suggests the right programme for the care utensils loaded, saving time and effort.
  • Automatic door opening and closing (optional): reduces hand contact, points of contact and therefore potential for infection.
  • The blue operating concept and glass operating panel: are intuitive to use and prevent operator error.
  • The adjustable A0 value: can be increased up to 12,000 to fulfil current and future hygiene requirements.
  • MEIKO Connect: to view and manage all relevant data from the MEIKO TopLine.

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